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Duvall Centennial – What a Year It’s Been!

The area that has become known as Duvall was historically the home of the Snoqualmie Native American tribe. On January 6, 1913 Duvall was incorporated as a city by its rugged pioneer citizens. The center of the present-day town was located on a hillside homesteaded by Francis and James Duvall, loggers who arrived in 1871. At that time, logging and farming were the driving economic forces in Duvall which utilized the Snoqualmie River and railroad for transportation. Since the late 20th century, the City’s pastoral appeal has been drawing residents who commute to jobs in aeronautics and technology in nearby communities. Duvall’s Historic corridor has helped to define an artistic movement that has been evolving since the 1970’s. The City of Duvall, community organizations, businesses and citizens came together in 2013 to celebrate all aspects of Duvall’s history and future.

In looking back on this past year of Centennial happenings one could easily forget why and what we were celebrating. A recent article written by Alysia Gray Painter of NBC/Universal, and describing the beginning of a different City’s centennial celebration sums it up nicely:

THERE SHOULD BE A LAW: Plenty of municipalities have books upon books stuffed with important regulations and rules and addendums and suggestions and methods for running a community. But where is the firmly followed rule that says if a city makes it to a milestone, then that milestone should be feted and honored in all the ways? Many a town has crossed the 100-year mark -- and even the thousand-year mark, too -- but the party hats and streamers too often stay on the shelf. Getting to that point, though, is a major deal, as anybody who has ever worked for a city -- or lived in one -- knows. Walnut Creek gets this, the fact that a centennial is indeed a big deal, and that a whole year might be given over to that honor…” written by Alysia Gray Painter of NBC/Universal, 1/7/2014

Duvall’s centennial year was kicked off with a birthday celebration on its inauguration day, January 6th. Businesses and organizations also adopted the centennial theme, and incorporated it into their annually held events as well – Duvall Days, Summer Stage, Sand Blast, Outdoor Quilt Show, and the Heritage Festival to name a few. The City of Duvall enhanced the roadway and entrances to Depot and McCormick Park with public art that reflects Duvall’s colorful past, and two archways that greet park visitors. During the summer, the City celebrated its Free Spirit years by putting on the SnoRiver Rock Concert and Lighter than Air Fare. The year was capped with the showing of the Spirit of Duvall documentary film.

One of the most memorable events Duvallians participated in during the centennial year was the Sno River Rock Concert and Lighter than Air Fare which took place on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Highlights from the all-day Rock Concert included a motorcycle and scooter park & show, VW show, beer and wine garden, food and local art merchants, piano drop, and hot air balloon rides in McCormick park! Three thousand people of all ages and from all over the region got out their tye die and rocked to the music of Okey Dokey, Jack Ballard, Paradox, Roger Fisher (formerly of Heart), Rent Collectors, Maltby Crew, Lunatic Fringe, and Jr Cadillac!

There were many, many people, businesses and organizations that helped to make this year a success. Our Premier sponsors were A2Film, Bridgeport, Duvall Rotary, and Safeway. Our Gold sponsors were Cascade Community Theatre, Duvall’s Dazzling Designs, Duvall Chamber of Commerce, Puget Sound Energy, and Quadrant Homes. Our Silver sponsors were J Carmichael Photography, EF Print & Copy Center, Two Vines, and Waste Management. The team that worked on the Centennial were Kimberly Engelkes, Shaun Tozer, Alana McCoy, Deanna Hobbs, Pam Martin, Diane Baker, and Aaron Keating. The Duvall Centennial Webmaster was Sara Ruhland.

Thank you Duvall for attending the Duvall 2013 Centennial events. You’ve helped make them fun and memorable. We hope you had fun and also learned a little something about the last 100 years of Duvall, and how you will help influence the next 100 years.

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December 6: Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 7: Premier of Spirit of Duvall Film Premiere

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Duvall Birthday Party

Click HERE to view the Mayor's presentation from the January 6th Centennial Birthday Party! Includes the text from the Mayor's speech.
Historic Photograph of Dougherty House courtesy of Duvall Historical Society
Photograph courtesy of the Duvall Historical Society

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